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Juan Carlos Mirabal Traducido por Lidice Megla

Imprecise Dirge

My animals await you with the same thirst.

You enter into the night as if a mirror,

shaking everything off but your smile.

Naked guarding a sun to be eaten.

You disappear,

you know my own neighborhood from moon to sun.

I wake up like a sailboat in the forehead of a prisoner

or the fruit in the air

that knows its destiny.

I wake up,

dark rivers run through the pendulum of the night.

The night looks at me like an eye,

and in its wall the dream fades.

©Juan Carlos Mirabal. From the book, "Rehén de las olas" (Hostage of the Waves)

Translation ©Lidice Megla. May, 2020.

©Juan Carlos Mirabal (Cuba). Poet and Photographer. He appears in various anthologies. A true artist at heart, Mirabal's deep perception of reality traverse through his poetry as much as through his lens to render us spellbound by a plethora of rich metaphoric images and exquisite lyricism. He lives in Miami, Fl. with his beautiful family.

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