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When I first started writing professionally back in 2000, I would have never guessed that I’d be sitting here having completed as many books as I have, let alone one. Working on them has led to some incredibly challenging yet fabulously rewarding experiences. Check out some of my featured titles below.


Totémica Insular

August, 2019

Totémica Insular is my second book of poetry in Spanish. Each poem represents it's own figure of larger totem which when viewed as a whole brings to light my own cosmic world view and builds a bridge between the the two islands that I love; Cuba, and Vancouver Island.

Covering such topics as love, friendship, familiar ties, and the immigrant's plight, this collection is a mirror held up to the universal human experience. 

Available here for purchase. 


Tu La Bestia

January, 2018

In  2017 I went for a regular doctor's check up where I was diagnosed with a rare condition nearing blindness. With little choices for treatment and a need to write before my vision was taken, "Tú la Bestia" is not the catharsis but the Voice.

This book is dedicated to the Beast in every broken woman who mends herself with the impetuous thread of her own voice.

Available here for purchase. 


Mujer sin Paredes

January 2020

Check out my latest published book. After spending countless hours working up to its release, I’m proud to announce that it’s finally ready. Creative, innovative, and filled with excitement, If you liked my previous titles I guarantee you’ll love this one as well.