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Rise Up! You are the Beast!

Rise Up, you are the Beast

Walk as you are,

Rise up from the rubbles.

Be the owner of your rebirths,

Turn into dreams your troubles.

Walk as you came.

Water the spines,

to write your own poem.

A poem of frost,

a poem of monsters,

a poem of butterflies,

rise up,

walk as you are

committed spirit

to the call of the jungle,

respond with your blood,

she-wolf, dove, or spider,

walk as you are rise

above and beyond your legs,

You are the Beast

You are the Monstress,

lash out!

nail the spurs!

Rise up!

Walk without fear,

heart fixed on the race, and

rise, rise up as you are.

©Lidice Megla. 2021

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